Structural Review Survey

Structural Review Survey

The Structural Review Survey (SRS) is specifically designed to evaluate the integrity and condition of maritime vessels that have surpassed the age of fifteen years. This detailed assessment focuses on understanding the structural health of these vessels, identifying areas of wear, corrosion, or damage that could compromise their safety and functionality. Conducted by specialists in maritime structure evaluation, the SRS ensures that older vessels continue to meet the stringent standards required for operational safety and efficiency. It is an essential process for owners and operators of aged maritime assets, providing them with the necessary insights to maintain their vessels in compliance with international maritime regulations.

Nautim stands out as a certified entity equipped with the expertise and authorization to perform these comprehensive structural reviews. With a team of experienced surveyors, Nautim provides a thorough examination of each vessel’s structural condition, employing advanced techniques and technologies to detect and assess any potential issues. Upon completion of the survey, Nautim compiles a detailed report that outlines the findings, offering recommendations for repairs or enhancements to ensure the vessel’s structural integrity is preserved. This certification not only underscores Nautim’s capability in conducting SRS but also assures vessel owners and operators of the reliability and accuracy of the assessment results.

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