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Nautim stands at the forefront of maritime engineering, offering an extensive array of services designed for the global shipping industry. Our expertise is built on a foundation of over 15 years, through which we have meticulously organized, prepared, planned, executed, and finalized a diverse range of repair and new build projects. Engineering is our forte, and with Nautim, each project is engineered to perfection.

Marine Engineering Expertise

Nautim’s engineering division is renowned for its profound knowledge and extensive experience in the maritime sector. With a specialization in the intricate design, meticulous development, and comprehensive maintenance of marine systems and structures, we are steadfastly committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency. Our team of seasoned engineers combines formidable technical expertise with practical nautical acumen to devise and deliver solutions that epitomize innovation and practicality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate complex engineering challenges, from the nuanced intricacies of propulsion systems to the robust architecture of hull design. Our project portfolio spans a spectrum of endeavors, including advanced vessel design, retrofitting for enhanced performance, and systems engineering for sustainable operations.

Our approach is holistic, considering every facet of the maritime environment to ensure that each solution is not only technically sound but also environmentally responsible and economically viable. From the drawing board to the rolling waves, Nautim stands as a beacon of engineering excellence, ready to steer your projects to successful completion and to be the driving force behind your maritime ventures

Engineering of Piracy Safety

Ballast Water Treatment System Engineering

Engine Room Motor Engineering

Sea Fasting of Thruster

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