Bollard Pull Test

Measuring Tugboat Capability with Precision

At Nautim, we understand that the true measure of a tugboat’s strength lies in its bollard pull capacity. That’s why our Bollard Pull Test service is designed to deliver precise and reliable metrics of a tug’s pulling power. This essential performance indicator is critical for assessing the suitability of tugboats for various towing tasks and operations in the challenging marine environment.

The Essence of Bollard Pull Testing

Bollard Pull Testing is more than just a routine check—it’s a rigorous evaluation of a tug’s maximum static pull. With the tug at a standstill, we employ advanced technology to measure the force exerted when the engines are at full throttle. This procedure simulates real-life conditions where tugboats perform crucial operations such as towing large vessels, maneuvering through narrow channels, or assisting with offshore construction projects.

Our Methodology

Our approach involves a specially constructed bollard, engineered to withstand the intense forces exerted during the test. The tug is secured to this bollard using its towing line, and a sophisticated measuring device is placed in between. As the tug’s engines surge to full speed ahead, the device records the peak traction force, which is presented in tonnes. This force is indicative of the tug’s raw power and operational capability.


Bollard Pull Testing in Norway

Bollard Pull Testing in Norway

Bollard Pull Testing in Norway

Bollard Pull Testing in the Netherlands

Bollard Pull Testing in the Netherlands

Bollard Pull Testing in the Netherlands

Why Bollard Pull Matters

The bollard pull value is not just a number—it’s a benchmark of performance and safety. Charterers, ship owners, and operators depend on these figures to match tugs with tasks that are within their pulling capacity, ensuring efficiency and preventing over-exertion of the vessel. Whether it’s for certification, vessel comparison, or operational planning, our Bollard Pull Test provides the data you need to make informed decisions.

Your Assurance of Compliance and Performance

Nautim’s Bollard Pull Tests are conducted in accordance with industry standards and are recognized as a normative measure across the maritime sector. Our tests are comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of the tug’s performance is assessed and certified, giving you confidence in the operational integrity of your fleet.

Let Nautim be your guide to vessel capability and compliance, with Bollard Pull Tests that stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in maritime services.

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