Project Management

Project Management

Nautim offers a full range of project management for the shipping industry worldwide. It covers the way the project is organised, prepared, planned, implemented and completed.
Nautim has more than 15 years of experience in managing the following repair and new build projects:


Dry docking is a critical maintenance procedure for vessels, mandated to ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of maritime operations. During dry docking, vessels undergo large-scale maintenance tasks that cover both the submerged portions of the hull and those parts of a ship that are not easily accessible when it is afloat. This includes the inspection and repair of the hull, removal of biofouling (which if left unattended, can significantly decrease a ship’s performance and increase fuel consumption), checking and repairing propellers, rudders, and shafts, and inspecting the ship’s keel for damage or wear. It also provides an opportunity to conduct repairs on ballast tanks and to inspect and maintain sea chests and valves, which are critical for the operation of the ship’s systems.

Beyond structural maintenance, dry docking is an opportune time for painting and coating the hull with anti-fouling. This not only protects the hull’s integrity but also improves the vessel’s hydrodynamic performance, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Dry dock repairs
New building

Floating Repairs

Navigating the need for regular maintenance without the use of dry docks or slipways, our floating repair services for offshore vessels epitomize efficiency and adaptability. These in-water repairs are a cornerstone of our commitment to operational continuity, allowing for a broad range of maintenance tasks to be executed while the vessel remains afloat. This method not only saves time but also ensures that the critical functions of the vessel face minimal interruption.

Synchronized Maintenance with Scheduled Surveys

By strategically combining these essential repairs with scheduled surveys—be it annual, intermediate, or in-water (IWS)—we offer a seamless maintenance experience that adheres to the highest industry standards. This dual approach not only expedites the repair process but also fortifies the vessel’s integrity and compliance, assuring a swift and safe return to service. Trust in our expertise to maintain your vessel’s performance and safety without the traditional constraints of dry docking.

Conversion and Refitting repair

The transformation of a vessel, whether it involves lengthening or repurposing for a different function, demands meticulous preparation. At Nautim, we recognize that the complexity of conversion and refitting projects is substantial. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to comprehensive planning, ensuring every detail is considered. Our methodical approach is designed to align with your vessel’s new specifications and intended operations, guaranteeing the outcome not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Expert Oversight for Superior Outcomes

Effective supervision is the linchpin of achieving exceptional results in vessel modification. Our team of seasoned experts at Nautim provides vigilant oversight throughout the conversion process. From the initial blueprint adjustments to the final implementation, we maintain a close eye on quality, timeline, and budget. Our rigorous project management ensures that the transformed vessel emerges from the refitting process ready to perform its new role with enhanced capabilities and renewed vigour.

Conversion and refitting repair
New building

New Building

The journey of an offshore vessel from concept to creation begins with rigorous engineering and design. Once these detailed plans are meticulously drawn up, they undergo a critical review process. Achieving approval from the Classification Society is a pivotal milestone, signifying that the proposed design meets all the necessary safety and regulatory standards. This green light is what transitions the vessel from design to the tangible commencement of construction.

Embarking on the Build with Confidence

With the vessel’s blueprints sanctioned by Class, the path is cleared for construction to take shape. It is at this stage that the blueprint becomes a physical entity, its keel laid and its structure assembled with precision. Every weld, bolt, and component is positioned with the future in mind, creating a vessel that is not only compliant with the highest maritime standards but also tailored for the demands of its destined offshore tasks. This phase marks the birth of a vessel ready to serve the industry and contribute to the maritime economy.


Project oversight does not always need to encompass the entirety of an operation. At Nautim, we offer specialized management services tailored to specific segments of a project. By honing in on distinct aspects of the project, we provide our expertise where it’s most needed, ensuring that every phase benefits from focused attention and skillful execution.

Targeted Oversight for Maximum Efficiency

This segmented approach allows us to apply our project management resources with precision, directing them toward critical areas that may require additional expertise or oversight. Whether it’s the initial design phase, the meticulous coordination during construction, or the final touches before delivery, our team is equipped to step in and guide that phase to successful completion with our targeted oversight services.

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