Vessel Management

Vessel Management

Nautim offers a full range of Vessel Management for the shipping industry worldwide. It covers the way a vessel will be organised, prepared, planned, implemented and completed.
Nautim has more than 15 years of experience in Vessel Management

Vessel Management: Accuracy and Expertise at the Helm

Unmatched vessel management is the cornerstone of our dedication to nautical excellence. Our approach integrates time-honored naval architecture with advanced nautical and technical oversight, ensuring that every ship sails smoothly under our care.

Planned Maintenance System: Navigating with Forethought

Our robust Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is the compass by which we steer the longevity and reliability of your fleet. This meticulous program doesn’t just maintain your vessels; it enhances their performance. By managing certificates and procedures with a keen, experienced eye and utilizing a automated system, we keep your operations sailing ahead—efficient, safe, and always compliant.

We extend beyond maintenance to become custodians of safety and quality on every deck. 

Dry-docking: The Foundation of Maritime Maintenance

Through the essential practice of dry-docking, we ensure that each vessel in your fleet embodies safety, efficiency, and sustainability. With a focus on the hull’s integrity and the smooth operation of all systems, we employ the latest techniques and insights to maintain your vessels in peak condition—ready to face the open seas.


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality – SHEQ

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