Steering Towards Sustainability: Nautim’s 3D Engine Room Scan Paves the Way for Goedhart II’s Emission Upgrade

From 2019, new European emission standards will apply to most engines, the Stage V standard. This standard mainly concerns emissions of CO, HC, NOx, and soot particles. To meet this standard, it is necessary to install filters to reduce emissions.

The Goedhart II qualified for this new standard; to be precise, a particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) filter must be installed. Nautim was therefore commissioned to make a 3D scan of the engine room for the Goedhart II.

The 3D scan allowed us to determine the space available to install these filters. With this information we could create a guide on how and where to install these filters. Thanks to this 3D scan, we were able to make this project a success in a short amount of time to make the Goedhart II operational. Installing these filters would not have been possible without the help of Frank Goedhart. Together, we made this project a success.

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