Nautim Leads with Class-Approved BWTS Installation on One of the World’s Strongest AHTs

From 3D – scan / engineering until production and installation to the complete package. Class approved set-up Ballast Water Treatment system onboard on one of the strongest AHT in the world.

Solutions for Ballast Water Treatment

Understanding the complex nature of ballast water management, Nautim designed and install bespoke BWTS solutions. Our process begins with a 3D scan of the ship’s existing infrastructure, ensuring that every aspect of the installation is to fit the unique specifications and needs of each vessel.

Precision Planning and Design

Leveraging advanced technology, our team conducts thorough site scans, allowing us to assess the existing pipelines and infrastructure with precision. This critical first step informs our comprehensive planning process, where we plot out the necessary modifications and integrations for the BWTS installation.

Armed with this analysis, we then craft a 3D model for the new pipelines, laying the groundwork for a seamless integration into the ship’s existing system. This model serves as the blueprint for our project, guiding us in selecting the appropriate materials and specifications for a successful implementation.

Streamlined Prefabrication and Installation

Once our plan receives the necessary approvals, we move forward with the prefabrication of new pipes at our facility. This preparatory work is key to our efficiency, allowing us to execute rapid assembly once the ship docks. Our forward-thinking approach minimizes downtime, ensuring that vessels are equipped with BWTS and ready to sail in the shortest time possible.

A Testament to Our Commitment

Our involvement in BWTS installations showcases Nautim’s expertise in maritime solutions, our dedication to environmental stewardship, and our ongoing mission to safeguard the seas for future generations. As we continue to innovate and adapt in this ever-evolving landscape, Nautim remains a trusted partner in marine conservation, leading the way in sustainable maritime practices.

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